Technology forms the very heart of our business

Our ultra-low latency trading systems are the product of our focus on innovation in research. The presence of small teams to work exclusively on projects provides you with a scope to make a lasting impact on financial markets across the world. Our core engineering team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term success of our business. At Graviton, we regard ourselves as a trading company build with a strong and sound foundation of technology.

Our core engineering team includes engineers and software developers with an enviable academic and professional track record. It performs a wide range of functions such as designing, implementation and optimization of our platform. The core engineering team also develops systems which provide a hassle-free access to trading simulations and market data. We create tools that enable our trading teams to do cutting edge research on market data to analyze patterns and profit from it.

Deep Expertise

Technology teams work in close collaboration with quant teams making this an incredible place to learn. Engineers have great autonomy in choosing their projects and implementing new ideas.


No suits. No PowerPoints. Just great work at the intersection of networking, systems and programming.

Cutting Edge

Tackling greenfield problems our engineers use the latest tech and hardware available to build our custom trading platform pushing latency into the realm of micro and nano dimensions of time.